Four cheese mac and cheese with cream cheese

Don't forget to follow us on Pinterest for more recipe ideas! Yield: serves 6 to 8 Author: Stephanie PlainChicken. Spray a 9x9-inch baking dish with cooking spray. Set aside. Cook pasta according to package directions. Place hot pasta in a large bowl. Add butter and stir until the butter melts. Add Velveeta, cream cheese, and Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese. Whisk together egg and heavy cream. Add to pasta mixture.

Pour pasta into prepared dish. Bake uncovered for 30 minutes. To bake from frozen, thaw completely and bake as directed. Can add ham or broccoli to casserole.

Four Cheese Beer Mac ‘n Cheese

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Plain Chicken July 30, at PM. Unknown August 6, at AM. Put the mac and cheese in a casserole dish or in individual ramekins and top with a healthy portion of panko. I love making my mac and cheese in ramekins because you can just grab out of the fridge and heat it up before digging into your individual portion. Serving it like this is also absolutely perfect for the holidays… Imagine how excited guests would be to get their own serving of mac and cheese? OK, so let me just tell you that this is the creamiest, boldest, most flavorful mac and cheese ever.

Every bite was perfect. Having these little ramekins of four-cheese mac and cheese in my fridge is heavenly and also a bit dangerous. Seriously, I was in bed the other night and almost got up to heat up one of these bad boys. Luckily, I stayed in bed and told myself I could have mac and cheese for breakfast in the morning.

Whatever works, right? Add in three more cheeses and the result is the creamiest most flavorful mac and cheese you've ever had! Heat oil in small saucepan over low heat. Add peeled garlic cloves. Cook over very low heat until soft, about 1 hour do not brown. Keep refrigerated and completely covered in oil. Let the cream cheese melt and stir in the three shredded cheeses.

Continue cooking over medium low heat, whisking constantly until cheese has melted. Add all other ingredients including the 3 cloves of confit garlic, reserve remaining cloves except parmesan and mix with a hand blender until combined. Add cooked pasta and parmesan cheese to pot and stir to coat in sauce. Cook until hot and slightly thickened. Add panko bread crumbs and toss gently. Stirring occasionally, allow panko to slowly and evenly toast in the butter until golden brown. Season with salt. THIS is all the mac and cheese I need in my life!!

Looks incredible. You had me at cream. And mac n cheese. And four cheeses. OMG I am a cheese lover, so this is right up my alley. This is comfort food at its best!!

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I need to make this for my next HUGE get-together. Everyone will LOVE it. What an incredible class and thanks for sharing all of those tips with us! Confit garlic — genius! I love that you can make it in advance and keep in your fridge for months.

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As garlic lovers in this house, we definitely need this! First of all, this seems like such a fun day! This other method is legit. I do always throw gouda in my mac, though.

4-Cheese Mac & Cheese

That sounds like a super fun day! Where to begin??? Baptism… Croquembouche. Wedding… Croquembouche. Next… The Mac… Holy cow! I think the secret is definitely the cream cheese in yours — and the other herbs, spices and cheeses.

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Thanks for not being stingy and keeping the secret to yourself. I need confit garlic in my life! I am living for the crispy tops of the mac and cheese. The cheese sauce for this macaroni and cheese looks absolutely delectable! Just all creamy, cheesy 3 of my favorite cheeses, too , dairy deliciousness! That toasted herb breadcrumb topping is a thing of beauty, too. What a great dish for the holiday season, or any winter night, really! I would gladly warm up with a bowl of this mac and cheese! But omg, this looks amazing! I love how creamy the cheese sauce is- and yay no roux!

Also that dessert looks so delicious and fancy!! How fun! Those individual serving ramekins are adorable and probably necessary for portion control!! HAHA…looks so good I could easily eat way too much!! Love how easy this is.

Smoky Four Cheese Macaroni Bake Recipe -

I am so intrigued by the idea of using cream, cream cheese, and sour cream as a base for mac and cheese sauce, rather than a roux. Oh, and your croquembouche wreath is adorable! What an absolute fun experience. That croqembouche looks delicious! The mac and cheese is so good and creamy.

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Love the addition of garlic and roasting it in the pan was simple. I love your choice if cheeses, and especially the addition of garlic. Thanks for this! Your email address will not be published.