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Click OK and Next and Outlook will test your settings for you again. Once completed, close down any other open windows. Outlook Right click on the account on the left side of the screen and choose Account Properties. Click the Account settings button and then choose Account Settings again from the drop down menu.

Highlight your account and select Change from the menu above this. Choose the More settings option which will appear on the right side of this screen. Under the Advanced tab, ensure that Do not save copies of sent items is not ticked and this will sync your sent items to the server. Windows Live Mail Right click on the account on the left side of the screen and choose Properties. The folder fields will automatically pick up the default folders that are set, but you change them if you wish to. Click OK to save the settings and you will return to your mailbox.


Mozilla Thunderbird Highlight your mailbox and select the View settings for this account option. Here you can choose the folder and you simply need to make sure that it has your email address in this section. You will need to do the above for Message Archives as well as Drafts and templates to ensure that the folders within Thunderbird are synced to your IMAP mailbox. Some of my subfolders were syncing, some were not. No pattern or rhyme or reason as to why some were syncing and some were not.

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When we started messing with the folder names, the folders started to show up in the Mail Smart Folders at the bottom of the screen, but not in the IMAP section. With that, the Google tech support person told me to just rename and reallocate the folders and use the Smart Folders to run my entire Mac Mail system.

I checked the IMAP sync and it worked. It not only synced the folder, but it synced the contents.

Sync your IMAP Sent Folder Across Devices

Item after item, they were no longer long unordered strings of words, the labels were being nested properly. If this helped, please leave a comment below and let me know. I called Apple — they said it was a server issue. The messages sent from the iPad were in it. So I can just move or copy them to Mail's sent box. Jan 30, AM. Thanks, Rory. I was hopeful when I got the email about your post.

Synchronize IMAP folders for new accounts in Apple Mail

Alas, it doesn't work for me. I don't get that option for mail boxes. Feb 6, AM. This worked perfectly for me on the new OSX. Thanks, exactly the fix I needed to help me enjoy and use my Air more! Jun 25, PM. Nov 3, AM.

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Thank you sooooo much! I spent 2 hours on the phone with 2 different people from apple support and they only thing they could suggest was to delete and readd all my accounts on my iphone and my apple mail app super annoying. This finally worked! Aug 1, PM.

Thank you SO much. This helped me as well. I kept thinking 'did i really send that email out from my ipad or not' since I could not find it in apple mail and now I know about the two folders, followed your suggestion and it worked! I am on OSX Yosemite. Oct 2, PM. Oct 18, AM.