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I eventually got it to work, but it look a lot of on-line detective work to work it all out. It appears that it was easier to use in Excel The final result in my.

Get an Office Store add-in for Word or Excel for Mac

Looks nice I think. PDF screenshot Notes.

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  2. Calc2LaTeX - Macro for converting Calc spreadsheets into LaTeX tables;
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Excel2latex can cope with formats such as italic and bold ,but not colour at present. Orginal Excel table Building all but the simplest tables in LaTeX is not a particularly intuitive process.

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In early versions of excel this might have been enough and the Excel2Latex add-in would appear under the tools menu. This was not the case in Excel Is there a step we are just missing? I just installed it to Excel That should give you a button under Add-ins in Excel which works fine. At least it works for me. I am running Win XP. Hi, For myself, having tried many aspects of excel2latex, and seeing that once a table is coded in Latex, it is very difficult to modify, I decided to do the following: I make a table in Excel, and format it the way I like, and then I just print it as a pdf file with pdf, and then I add it to my Latex document as if it were a picture.

Just remove the link to the missing package and it started working on a little test-table. Now I have to test it on bigger and more complex ones but for now it is working. Alex is right, it helped! Thank you a lot!! It works fine, but I need to not only export the data, but clearify the commands used in Excel. Anybody know one? But this will mess up your calculations since Excel will think that there is now only text…. Yes, you can export tables from excel to LaTeX. Previously I had used excel2latex addon of excel to import selected tables in latex but I had to modify the LaTeX codes according to my requirement.

The tool is LaTable. Just simply select your excel table and paste it to LaTable. Then modify the table like bordering cell, merging horizontal cells, text alignment etc and then copy LaTeX code for table into your LaTeX editor.

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The details about it is given in my blog with pictures as well. I am using Excel2Latex v3. When I typeset, preview pdf file, there was a problem and it cannot proceed.

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  • I used Excel I tried all above and I see the convert button. But when I click it says cannot run the macro? Any solutions?

    MathType's support for Microsoft Word

    I changed the folder of the xla file and updated it three times : Now it works fine. Although the conversion is not always satisfactory. Am still having trouble with it myself. I have authorized macros to run, and I have loaded the file using Excel Options Manage Add-ins … and it says it is loaded. For Excel I found a workaround to access the add-in without using the add-in tab.

    Try to use the Quick Access Toolbar. Hi, The LaTable really works and I think it is the easiest way to do this work. DOuble click on the LaTable. Copy your table from the excel file. Do your formatting as you wish on the LaTable file. It took 1 min to write the processor but it will not take more than 5 secs to generate the table in latex. The table looks good in PDF but there is an error message:! Extra alignment tab has been changed to cr endtemplate. How can I remove the error? Thank you. Have you tried to zero in on the error by creating a minimal example?

    The method of opening in Open Office v3. Can you please help me out how i have to copy the Excel spread sheet in to Word as a table format.