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You like RIOT and want to help? Main features. Unsupported metadata is removed transfer metadata between image formats destination format must support them common tools: pan and zoom, rotate, flip basic image adjustments: brightness, contrast, gamma, invert visually reduce number of unique colors for PNG and GIF images in order to reduce filesize two quantization methods are available: Xiaolin Wu and NeuQuant neural net resize image by using well known resample filters ex: Lanczos3, Catmull Rom, Bicubic, and others out-of-the-box support for external PNG optimizers optipng, pngout, etc the compression and the results are comparable to those of commercial products, even higher.

Recent Posts. Enter your email address:. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress. Once again, if your distribution does not have proper support, you can always fall back to using the following command line:. Please refer to the documentation for your Unix-like system on the installation of software. The download links above will attempt to download GIMP from one of our trusted mirror servers.

If the mirrors do not work or you would rather download directly from our server, you can get the direct download here. The official GIMP 2. The SHA hash sum for gimp Previous installers for OSX can be found here: download.

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The installer allows you to choose from a large directory of packages. To install gimp using Macports, you simply do sudo port install gimp once you have Macports installed.

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Homebrew is similar to Macports and provides packages aka formulas to install, either by compiling them from source or by using pre-made binaries. Please be aware that it was announced recently that Homebrew is using analytics. To turn this off in homebrew then run: brew analytics off You can read more about this on Brew Analytics.

Fink is a package repository that offer mostly precompiled binaries.

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It provides the apt-get command known to e. Debian and Ubuntu users, and installing GIMP is as easy as sudo apt-get install gimp once you have installed the Fink installer. If there's no binary package, then fink install gimp will compile GIMP from source. Disclaimer: we haven't been able to determine if it is possible to install or build recent GIMP from Fink.

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Last we checked, GIMP 2. The installer contains both bit and bit versions of GIMP, and will automatically use the appropriate one. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing system. It works by downloading GIMP from a distributed network of BitTorrent users, and may improve download speed dramatically. Choosing this option will download the torrent file for the GIMP installer.

You may need to install a torrent client to make use of this file. Learn more Check it on VirusTotal : gimp By default, they will place the help files with your GIMP installation. Note: GIMP uses online help by default. If you want to use this local help offline, you will need to change GIMP's help settings. See the online help for more settings.

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GIMP releases available from gimp. For instructions, how to build GIMP from source code, please see this page. GIMP 2.