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You can use it to copy files between an iPhone or iPad and your Mac, and so between two iOS devices whenever you need to. Then type in your passcode on the iPhone or iPad. Connect multiple iOS devices If you have an iPad as well as an iPhone, you can repeat the process in Step 1 to connect that too.

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That will ensure that whenever your iPhone or iPad is on the same network as your Mac and AnyTrans is running, it will sync with the iOS device. This will give you an instant access to all file folders stored on your mobile device. External drives, including USB and flash drive memory sticks, are also a good time-tested way to share files and data between any of your devices. In addition, depending on the size of the file, you could send an email with an attachment, or a zip folder.

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If your files are too large for email, you may be tempted to use a storage service. The setup there is rather cumbersome and using one of the Setapp apps above could prove to be easier and more effective. So there you go — lots of options for syncing files between two Macs, two iOS devices and even between a Mac and an iOS device.

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Choose the one that best meets your needs and give it a go. How do I sync files between two Mac computers? How do I get all my Apple devices to sync? To get a quick access to images, music, and contacts on an iPhone or any other device, befriend iTunes: Connect your device to a Mac using a USB cable.

Open iTunes and click the device icon in the upper-left corner. Go to Settings left side of the window and choose the type of content you want to sync.

How to Wirelessly Access your Mac's File on iOS-Android-Windows

Check the boxes next to to-be-synced items. Other ways to sync data between devices External drives, including USB and flash drive memory sticks, are also a good time-tested way to share files and data between any of your devices. Get Setapp. More reads you might like. Your name. Your email. Your password. It syncs files and folders every which way to heaven.

4 Tips | How to Transfer Files from Mac to iPad with/without iTunes for Free

Despite a plethora of features, Folder Sync uses the time honored source and target to sync files and folders. Select the folder of files to sync. Select the destination. Folder Sync comes with a built-in scheduler to it can sync files and folders unattended; according to a schedule you determine.

Files can be compared between source and target a variety of ways, including date and size. The app also uses the time honored incremental copy and sync capability so the first sync may take awhile, but subsequent folders are synchronized quickly because only the files and folders that have changed need to be copied. Everything gets logged, too, so if there is an issue or problem with a file, you get notifications for what took place. As sync apps go, Folder Sync is a good one and priced about right, though a similar price tag can get you a clone app for even more detailed backups.

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Click Here for a list and a few more favorites. Most do much the same thing. They sync files and folders from one location to another; either on the Mac, or to a connected Mac, or a connected external disk drive.