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Retina 4K iMac in. Two Thunderbolt 3 ports. Four Thunderbolt 3 ports. Silver Space Gray Gold.

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Silver Space Gray. Quick Look. Up to 4-core Intel Core i7 processor. Up to 16GB memory. Up to 1TB storage 2. Up to 2TB storage 2. Up to 12 hrs battery life 4.

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Up to 10 hrs battery life 4. Turbo Boost up to 3. Turbo Boost up to 4. Intel UHD Graphics Intel Iris Plus Graphics Storage 2. Retina display. Full standard color sRGB. Wide color P3. True Tone technology. Size and Weight 3.

Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch (12222)

Adobe Photoshop, for example, prefers high IPC and clock speed to more threads, whereas a program like 3ds Max will make better use of additional cores. The Mac Pro still has several advantages over the iMac, but they tend to play to a specialized segment.

It also offers far more Thunderbolt connectivity than any other system Apple sells. The line between high-end desktops and traditional workstations has been blurry for years as motherboard integration and baseline capabilities in consumer hardware has risen, and the new Retina iMac erases even more of it. Apple itself has hastened this trend by building a Mac Pro chassis that relies almost entirely on a single interface — Thunderbolt — as opposed to offering more traditional drive cages and replaceable hardware.

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Would I run out and buy a new iMac over a Mac Pro today? No — for several reasons. Gorgeous Retina display. Sleek styling and extreme attention to detail. Top-notch computing performance. Solid sound quality. Excellent software bundle. Expensive as configured. Small storage capacity. Lacks height adjustment.

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No touch screen. In test configuration, excellent performance on CPU-limited workflows. Beautiful Retina display. Oversize, accurate trackpad. Four Thunderbolt 3 ports. Expensive as configured, with wildly pricey top-capacity SSD. Key travel remains very short. Bezels could use some slimming. Thanks in part to its Intel Core i9 CPU option, the sleek reboot of the inch Apple MacBook Pro we tested is one of the most powerful laptops you can buy for multimedia editing, data analysis, and other similar tasks. We'd just like to see some bolder design moves in the next model.

If you're looking for the best Mac laptop for general computing and have no interest in buying a desktop, you can stop reading after the next sentence. That's because the entry-level, inch-screen MacBook Pro , the one without the Touch Bar, is still our Editors' Choice for the best mainstream Apple notebook, with the MacBook Air a close runner-up. Your decision becomes considerably more complicated if you're willing to splurge on the latest technologies and have enough room for a desktop, however.

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  • Most casual Mac users don't need the Touch Bar or the Intel Core i9 CPUs that are configurable options on the latest MacBook Pros and iMacs, but they're certainly compelling features if you've got the money to spend and the workflows to benefit from them. So a comparison of Apple's latest and greatest consumer desktop and laptop is in order. Innovation often trickles down to less expensive models, which means that even if you're not in the market for these ultra-premium Macs right now, you might still be able to enjoy some of their features in your next purchase.

    And if you are in the market, there are some important nuances to keep in mind before you click "buy now. In the chart above, you'll find a quick overview of the differences in the specs between the latest inch iMac and the latest inch MacBook Pro. These are the configurations of the models that PCMag reviewed. Perhaps the most important and most easily overlooked spec difference involves the Intel Core i9 CPUs.