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The Complete Apple Mail Keyboard Shortcut List

Now, whenever you hold the Command key for a couple of seconds, a window will pop-up, listing shortcuts for the current app. Start typing and the first results will be menu items, which you can navigate to using the down arrow key. You can hit Return to activate the selected menu item.

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The first time you do so, Finder will be selected by default. Subsequently, the first app selected will be whatever you most recently keyboard navigated to. Like with the menu bar, you can use the arrow keys to open and close Dock item menus, and tap Return to select an item.

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Note that in the right-hand side of the Dock, you may need to press Escape to close an open stack, before navigating to a different Dock item. A final tip concerns the shortcuts used to send focus to various on-screen components. In the keyboard pane, click the Shortcuts tab and then Keyboard in the sidebar. You can select from the following options: past hour, past day, past week, last 4 weeks, the beginning of time.

If you want to delete all the cache data select "the beginning of time". Enable the checkbox "Cached images and files". Click on the button "Clear Browsing data" and reload the website. Read more Image Instructions Video Plugins Icon.

How to use the quickest way to access many of Mail's features

To delete the cache on a Mac in the Firefox browser, please do the following: In the main menu of the browser select "History" and below that the submenu-item "Clear Recent History In the drop-down menu, you can define the time range you want to delete the cache.

You have the following options: last hour, last two hours, last four hours, today or Everything. That way those who know and remember what the shortcuts do can use them. Anyone else can always find and use the various items via the menu. On my iMac with latest version of High Sierra That is the intention of the article.

Deleting the browser cache on a mac

For any application, hold option when clicking file menu and Save As appears as an option. This has been true for several OS versions, since Apple made the idiotic decision to remove Save as from the file menu.

How to Create a Shortcut Icon on a Mac : Apple Software & Mac Tips

This is about returning the simple keystroke for Save As, not needing option modifiers. As you said yourself, Apple made a ill-conceived decision to remove that keystroke and turn it into a more complex one. So why is this over complicating to return the simpler functionality for a keystroke that is obviously popular, and desirable? I want simple, this is simple.

It makes for an awkward workflow, IMO. This system is running Mojave. But I cannot get it to change the shortcut and work. Mac Mojave. Thanks for any more suggestions you can offer. Glad to see this back. Application: Finder. And also, please set it up so that only the actual article is printed. Thanks for your understanding.

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That will show the article alone. This remains one of the dumbest changes Apple has made. Always one of the first things I do after a clean install or OS update. Right up there with turning off Flick Panning in Photoshop. I liked that.

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I wondered where Apple hid it. What about when you open up Preview. I would like to get rid of it. Are you a mind reader now? Name required. Mail will not be published required.