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Use stacks

Uninstalling apps has always been weird on the Mac, especially for Windows switchers familiar with removing programs with the Control Panel. Other apps include dedicated uninstallers that do a more thorough job of removing messy installations. As a Windows convert, I find comfort in the third-party utility AppZapper for removing software.

Simply hold the option key down, then all your apps will jiggle like on iOS and Mac App Store apps will have an X over the top left corner. Click the X to prompt Launchpad to show you the uninstaller dialog box, and confirm to remove the app.

How to Rearrange the Menu Bar on the Mac

As fond as I am of Launchpad, its default organization is just poor. The first page has its own arrangement of built-in apps from Apple, then third-party apps appear on the second page in a somewhat random order out-of-the-box. Left to its own devices, Launchpad can get unmanageable really fast. The Arrange By option takes the List view's ability to organize how items are presented, adds some new capabilities, and provides the option to control how items are arranged in any of the Finder views. Depending on which Arrange By method you select, the Finder will display the sort results by categories.

Categories appear as horizontal strips in Icon view , or as labeled sections in any of the other Finder views.

How to Clean Up your Mac Desktop

In the Icon view , each category takes up a single horizontal line. When the number of items exceeds what can be displayed in the window, a cover flow view is applied to the individual category, letting you scrub through the category quickly while leaving the other displayed categories alone. In essence, each category can be manipulated independently of the others. Additionally, when a category has too many items to display in a single horizontal row, there will be a link on the right-hand side of the window to expand the category to show all.

Likewise, once expanded, you can collapse the category back down to a single row.

List, Column, and Cover Flow

At first blush, it seems the Arrange By feature is missing some basic controls, such as the ability to sort up or down from A-Z or Z-A. In the List view , you can easily choose the direction of the sort order by clicking on the column header you wish to sort by.

Each column head includes a chevron that toggles to point up or down each time you click the column head, thus controlling the sort direction. In the Arrange By button or menu, there is no option to set the sort order to be up or down. This lack of control seems to be present in all Arrange By options except one; that's when arranging by Name in List view.

Add and Remove Icons from Mac Dock

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