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This comment is out of place here. You could ask your professor or teaching assistant if you need to. Pingback: django-mingus on CentOS 5. Pingback: Richard Stallman in "power of the rulers". Random Hacker said:.

useradd/usermod/groupadd (user management) commands in linux

Have a look at sudosh 1 for privilege escalation with proper logging. Kenn said:. I like having the hooks and scripts and the extra layer of abstraction that wheel gives me. Another reason why I find it extremly strange linux outgrew bsd in many areas. Documentation is also much more complete in all areas ā€” especially in system man pages. SaltwaterC said:. Pingback: Why linux doesn't have a "wheel" group - TextChannels. Pingback: Ubuntu wheel group howto TurboLinux Blog.

I have joined your feed and look forward to looking for more of your fantastic post. Pingback: su Unix Lexique Informatique. It helps increase immunity to aid in fighting colds. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Sometimes a few of the users try to hold total power over all the rest. For example, in , a few users at the MIT AI lab decided to seize power by changing the operator password on the Twenex system and keeping it secret from everyone else. I was able to thwart this coup and give power back to the users by patching the kernel, but I wouldn't know how to do that in Unix. However, occasionally the rulers do tell someone. The "wheel group" feature would make this impossible, and thus cement the power of the rulers.

I'm on the side of the masses, not that of the rulers.

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If you are used to supporting the bosses and sysadmins in whatever they do, you might find this idea strange at first. Share this: Twitter Facebook Reddit. Like this: Like Loading I Reply.

How to Add a User to the Sudoers File in Mac OS X

Marcus said: 29 August at am. Sean said: 5 May at pm. Fascinating historical note. Nyjil George said: 29 November at am. Test the developed module for its functionality and discuss the obtained results Reply. Might want to post this to stackoverflow.

On Becoming root

Random Hacker said: 5 May at pm. Happy Hacking! Kenn said: 5 May at pm. SaltwaterC said: 6 May at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I did some digging around here for tips about permissions and tried a couple of hints without success. Not only can you reset the password, but you can also restore ACL access control lists for any user.

I did this and all my problems vanished. I completely fail to understand the fury at this hint. While it's not likely to resolve too many issues, I see no harm in it at all. Also, anyone who's ever done password reset using the leopard install DVD will know that that procedure changes user's primary group from staff to wheel.

Obviously Apple sees nothing wrong with that so what's with all the screaming and histrionics? To add yourself to wheel run the following command in terminal sudo dscl. I had many permission based problems after upgrading from Tiger to Leopard.

macos - What is the

The symptoms included spotlight not finding some files and finder asking for admin password to delete files in my home folder. I remember even though the GUI tools e. I tried many things including the password reset utility to no avail. Only by using unix commands in Terminal was I was able to remedy this by adding myself to staff group and changing group ownership of files in my home folder. Now everything works as expected. How permissions are handled in Leopard changed from Tiger and I believe this was the cause of my systems problems. Well, all I can say is this hint solved a nagging problem I was having.

The game "BookWorm" by PopCap software seemed to work fine, but then after several uses, when I try to run it, I get an error stating Deleting the preference file would allow me to run the program, but I would I have to re-register it, and I lose all of my user data. I tried many different things, including repairing permissions but nothing helped until I added my self to the group wheel. Finally, a couple of comments. The above hint does, in fact, tell you how to add yourself to the group wheel.

There is a link to another hint. So I do not understand why so many commenters slam the hint for that reason. With regard to slamming hints in general, what is the purpose of that? There are many people who look at this site for helpful information. A fraction of these take the time to become members, and a fraction of the members take the time to post, reply, comment, or otherwise share information.

No good comes from attacking people who are trying to be helpful. Comment, yes. Disagree, sure. But at least be civil about it. And remember, if you slam me for my comments, you are simply proving me correct! Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. As many would be aware, and many may be suffering from, This has been causing odd problems ranging from failed software installs, script errors, Preview silently failing to open images, and a biggie for me, the GUI version but not the command line version of Software Update failing with a error, referencing a network failure.

In various forums around the usual places, many working band-aids involving a chown here, a chmod there, or up to and including an Eerase-and-reinstall have been used to alleviate the suffering. After much frustration and poking around, I finally noticed that my login was no longer part of group wheel. I understand from various forum posts that under However, after I added myself back to group wheel , all my symptoms have vanished, without having to do a re-install at this time.

It would seem the update installs don't have a clear migration path for these permissions yet. Given that NetInfo is now gone, and editing Unix config files is just plain anathema, the easiest way to do this sort of operation is to download Apple's Server Admin Tools package, as described in this hint. This may be an incomplete panacea, and a more complete understanding of both current and future plans for the permissions structure are necessary, but it sure did save me from a lot of work.

If you have had issues, though, it'd be interesting to know if this hint helped you out at all.

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Alternatively, if you know of a different cause and solution, and this hint isn't applicable at all, please post that as well! The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. This should not be considered a solution for any problem or qualifies as one.

How to add your user to "wheel" gā€¦ - Apple Community

No, no, no, NO! In this case, the developer of that package should be contacted, and educated on how best to set ownership and possibly permissions on the files they are distributing for use with Darwin. Fix the problem at the source; don't just try to work around the issue via convoluted and possibly problematic hacks. I'm not sure WHEN the policy changed, but indeed up until recently, possibly as late as This is going right back to the Public Beta and Puma and Jaguar, I can't speak to the public beta or Rob [ Reply to This ].

Someone asked, But how do I join Wheel I'm not recommending it - but on the other hand, When did this get introduced to Accounts, and more importantly, why: If you unlock the Accounts pane and right click on Groups, the drop-down is astounding. Anybody can join anything. I'd love a precis of what's up with that, and not have to learn all about Unix permissions Open to the public.

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