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So, to get the latest version of Tk for Ruby, we're going to have to do two things, first download the latest 8. Again, make sure you're downloading an 8. Make sure you've got Apple's developer tools i. Xcode, which includes gcc and friends. Then if you haven't already got it, go to www. The first line should load RubyTk; typically if there was a problem with compiling it would show up here.

The second line will return the version of Tk that you're running, which should be something like "8. For modern Tk programming using Perl, the "Tkx" module is highly recommended, and we'll be using that here. The easiest way to get set up is to use the "ActivePerl" distribution from www. Run the installer and everything will be loaded onto your machine. Versions of ActivePerl prior to 5. We therefore very highly recommend upgrading to at least ActivePerl 5. As noted, the easiest way to get Tk and Tkinter installed on your system is using Python's binary installer, available at python.

Thanks to work by Python core developer Ned Deily, binary installers starting with version 3. Remember, we're using Python 3. As of this writing, the latest 3. Do yourself a huge favour and get the most recent version. Whatever you do, do not rely on the Tk versions included in macOS!

Older versions included Tk 8. Even more recent macOS versions include an early 8. While there are several different ways to get Tcl and Tk onto your machine, the easiest and most recommended is to use the ActiveTcl distribution. In your web browser, visit www. Download ActiveTcl as of this writing it's labelled version 8.

Make sure to download an 8. Note that you will need to create an account with ActiveState no cost to download this distribution.

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After it's downloaded, run the installer to get Tcl and Tk loaded onto your machine. When compiling Python from source, you need to tell it where to find the ActiveTcl or other distribution. When doing the initial ".

For example:. The rest of it should all go on one line, without adding line breaks. When everything is built, be sure to test it out. Start Python from your terminal, e. From the prompt, enter these two commands:. Get an error saying "No module named tkinter?

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This tutorial assumes Python 3. Verified install using ActiveTcl 8. Run the installer, and follow along. This should pop up a small window titled "wish85", which will contain your application. Type "exit" in the console window to exit. RubyTk is the binding for Tk.

Luckily, it is since July now remarkably easy, because the good RubyInstaller for Windows people now include Tk 8. Thanks very much! This will install everything into the directory you choose, e. To verify the version of Tk, start up your newly installed copy of 'irb' which would have been installed in e. The first line should load RubyTk. On our machine, perl. Tkinter and, since Python 3. We highly recommend installing Python using the standard binary distributions from python. Once you've installed or compiled, test it out to make sure it works.

From the Python prompt, enter these two commands:.

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Verified using Python 3. The easiest way to do this is to install the "ActiveTcl" distribution from ActiveState, which includes Tcl, Tk, plus a number of other extension libraries. Unpack it, and run the installer sudo. This should pop up a window titled "wish8. We want this to be returning something like '8. Type a control-D at the prompt in the terminal window to exit.

While Linux distributions pretty much all come with both Tk and Ruby installed, one of them or the connection between them is usually very out of date.

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Okay, you might get lucky and find that there is a package for your Linux distribution that lets you use a relatively recent Ruby with a relatively recent Tk. If you go this route, just make sure it's at least Tk 8.

Unpack it, and run the installer install. You'll need to make sure you have a fairly robust development environment on your machine. Besides the usual gcc and friends, make sure that you've got the X11 development files e. Really, you need the X11 development files to compile, even though ActiveTcl is prebuilt and so doesn't need them. I wasted hours on this playing with various options, because the error messages if the headers aren't there are either missing or misleading. Next, go to www. This should locate the copy of ActiveTcl that you installed.

built-in 8.6.8

To verify that everything worked, start up your newly compiled copy of 'irb', and type:. Verified install using ActivePerl 5. Depending on how you install Python, this may not happen automatically.

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You have several different options to get Python and Tkinter onto your machine. We'll show you two, using your distro's package manager, or compiling from source. Currently supported Linux distributions will usually already include a recent version of Python 3. Free Download. An Integrated Development Environment enables you to effortlessly build up, asses and compile your code, but this application enables you to visually create your Graphical User Interfaces by selecting various tools and items.

You can place each item in the desired location by using your mouse. Visual Tkinter allows you to build GUIs just by following the given instructions and does not require coding skills. The application's interface is not very intuitive, so you will need some time to learn how to use all the included features. A wide variety of items can be created by using this application, including buttons, labels,.

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You also have the possibility to view and edit the code according to your needs. Visual Tkinter has been tested by Download Our editors will recheck this software periodically to assure that it remains clean. Windows Mac Linux Mobile. Visual Tkinter 2.