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This can include completely failing to launch, running but with unusual bugs or pieces not working as expected, or simply running very slowly, to the extent the app is no longer useful. A handy way to check if an app is Mojave compatible, as well as find suggestions for alternatives, is to visit the RoaringApps website. RoaringApps collects crowdsourced data on which apps work with the various versions of the Mac OS, and displays the results in an easy-to-search database.

You can also find suggestions for alternatives when the app in question no longer functions, as well as compatibility tips that may let you continue to use an app for a while longer. The specifics vary by app, but generally speaking, if you have an app that fails to launch, or launches and freezes, and the app used to work in one of the recent versions of macOS, you may be able to get the app to work while you wait for an update from the developer. However, it seems with some older apps the warning message is never displayed, or is hidden under other windows. Some older apps may fail because they do not have permission to access protected Mac sub-systems.

Use the Privacy setting to give apps the permission they may need. To edit the Privacy settings, click the Lock icon at the bottom of the window, then enter your password when requested. Check the various categories in the sidebar and see if the crashing or freezing app is listed. You may find the app is listed in a category, but its status is unchecked, indicating it was trying to access a protected component but was blocked likely by the request to add never being seen. Go ahead and place a checkmark in the box to allow the app to make use of a protected hardware or software component. Even more bad news is that there will be some bit apps that used to work that will no longer be viable under Mojave.

How to Unfreeze a Mac & Fix Frozen Mac Apps?

Virtualization apps, such as Parallels, can allow you to run older versions of the macOS, letting you run older apps anytime you need to. You can make use of a virtualization environment, such as Parallels , to run an earlier version of the Mac OS that works with your important apps. Parallels can run OS Mountain Lion or later in a virtual machine, letting you work with your older apps while still upgrading your Mac to Mojave.

Another option is to run an earlier version of the Mac OS from another startup disk. Name required. Email required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty.

Here is a list of the bugs I fixed in 2.3.3:

I am on an iMac desktop computer late Since the Mojave update, suddenly everything in my folders has gone bonkers. The icons are tiny, and chaotically scattered all over the place. Sure, I can fix them, and I do, by going into view options and decreasing the grid spacing and increasing the icon size.

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Since the Mojave update, any image I save as jpg does not depict the image — it only has the generic JPG icon. I do a lot of work with photos, so this really bites. I checked the system preferences and nothing seems off. Try to unpack the archive again after Disk Utility finishes. The operating system runs several tasks in the background and sometimes these background processes hang or stall. If so, you need to either stop the task using Activity Monitor or restart your computer. Since isolating the specific task causing the problem can take a significant amount of trial and error, the simplest option involves restarting your computer.

Restarting your computer also provides the safest option, since closing active tasks can result in data loss.

The Easiest Way to Archive Files on a Mac

Before restarting your computer, shut down Archive Utility. Click the Apple menu in the navigation bar, select "Force Quit Avoid restarting your computer if the problem happens again by using the Activity Monitor to end the offending process.

Free file archive utility for Mac - Dr. Unarchiver - Overview

You can restart the process called appleeventsd to get the Archive Utility functioning properly again. Press the "Command-Spacebar" keyboard combination to launch Spotlight and search for "Activity Monitor. Select the "Quit" button and the confirm that you want to stop the process. The process reloads and makes it possible to unpack your archive.

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