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Once it's finished select the partition that has the name your entered and click the 'Restore' tab.

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Locate the file you downloaded earlier and drag it into the 'Source' box. Click the 'Restore' button in the bottom right. Once its finished shut down the Mac and turn it on again while holding the 'option' key until the grey screen WITH the drives to select pops up. Select the drive you made and it should boot into a recovery-like drive. As far as I understand, if it's not in your purchased items list, you'll need to download the installer from an alternate source.

Get it from the friend, or a trustworthy online source.

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Apple might put it up for sale eventually or for free like they've done with Mountain Lion, Lion, and Snow Leopard. You can still buy those from store. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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How to Create a Mac OS X Lion Install Disk

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You can try calling Apple support and see if they can assist with adding Mavericks to your Apple purchase history, since it was free. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade to Yosemite as Mavericks is no longer generally available.

Download MAC OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) ISO for free..

I've already spoken to Apple Support. So basically VMware plays fiddle to apple's artificially restrictive licencing, and virtualbox does not then? If that's so, I'll clearly prefer virtualbox in the future. I like software that respects the user as opposed to software restricting my options. VirtualBox's documentation does the same thing [1] and goes further to caution "These license restrictions are also enforced on a technical level.

These restrictions are not circumvented by VirtualBox and continue to apply. TerroxNL79 28m 0. TerroxNL79 28m. Loaferboi 5h 1.

How do you install Mac OS X Mountain Lion from Pirate Bay?

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