Mac mini battery power supply

The latest of Mac minis pack a powerful punch into a small form factor, lending them to all sorts of mobile professional applications.

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This hardware is small in size, but equipped with a powerful processor and Thunderbolt, making it easy to incorporate into cart-based recording rig. The only real caveat is the internal power supply, which forces the Mac mini to be AC-powered. There are plenty of well-documented conversions performed to power the Mac from a car or boat battery. One reason this is such a popular mod is because the Mac mini operates natively on 12 VDC, making it a perfect match for car batteries, and more importantly, the DC power distribution systems already found on many sound carts.

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Materials Needed:. Friday, March 1, - am. Identify the positive and negative cables on the power supply as illustrated in this picture.

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  • Cut the cables closer to the power supply so that you have long leads to work with. Strip and solder all of the positive wires together.

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    Do the same to the negative wires. Plug the Logic Board connector back into the Logic Board. Cut two lengths of wire and solder them to the positive and negative leads.

    The earlier ones up thru had a brick on a cord. I would expect they could be converted to run on DC without any internal mods.

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    The iMac, with a built-in screen, will probably need many more amps that the Mac Mini. I'm sure they're out there, but less common for higher currents. If you can't find a higher amperage 12v DC converter, you're not looking very hard. I'd be running from a 48v nominal pack about 45vv operating range.

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    But I like my desktops. I'll see what I can do. The Mac Minis are a whole lot easier to open than the iMacs. I just want my office to be as much DC as I can.

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    It makes my life easier, and makes my system more efficient especially overnight, since I can turn off my inverter. It may be a whole lot easier and cheaper and better for the computer to get a UPS. This isn't about "cheaper and better.

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    And because I can. I've got a solar powered off grid office. I'm going to have a 24vdc bus soon enough for powering network gear either directly for PoE or via small buck converters for lower voltage stuff , and a moderate amperage 12v bus for computers and monitors would be nice to have. Unfortunately, Apple desktop hardware needs v.